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Unpacking, labelling, combining, putting into temporary storage, dispatching: five terms that describe 95% of the daily work of CLC and SLC. With over a hundred years of tradition and in the 5th generation, logistics remains the core business of the Tietje Group. In the German-Chinese CLC joint venture in Itzehoe, other companies in the region are also supervised. These benefit when required from the excellent connections to China – including the connection to the German Logistic Center (GLC) branch in Chengdu. Soltau primarily sets out to fulfil the role of an interim or central store for companies based in northern Germany. In addition, the site can be seen as a regional storage option for southern German businesses.

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The Itzehoe site with its direct connection to motorway 23 is ideal for regional enterprises that want to take advantage of the extensive storage logistics services. Its proximity to the harbours of Brunsbüttel and Hamburg and the connection to China provides customers with exceptional opportunities. The modular logistics services over a total surface area of 22 hectares are also bookable as fulfilment offers. Your questions will be gladly answered by the team in:


The Soltau site lies between Hanover and the port cities of Hamburg and Bremen. On the one hand , the most important trade routes are quickly reached via the direct connection to motorway A7, on the other hand Soltau stands out for its active rail system for loading and transporting using rail freight wagons. Your questions will be answered by the team from:

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